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Our Services and Software


We perform Real Estate appraisals for Banks, Savings and Loans, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Brokerages, Buyers, Sellers, Individuals, and local non-profits. We welcome all orders and new clients with unusual properties, rush jobs, complicated appraisals or investment package deals.


Our office utilizes some of the industries state of the art software packages including:


Wilson Appraisal Software.... Wilson software was our company's original appraisal software and is still used as our primary system. We feel Wilson's format and general layout is among the finest in the field. Our software upgrades are made on a yearly basis ensuring the utilization of the most recent forms, updates, and changes.


Marshall & Swift Software.... Our cost system is supplied by Marshall & Swift and is updated quarterly. This has been and will remain our primary costs analysis software throughout all property types.


Apex Graphics System, Inc.... Supplies us with our sketch program of which we upgrade on a yearly basis. Not only does Apex have a good visual for the reader, it also eliminates any manual calculations of square footage, minimizing errors with improved properties.


Types of Appraisals:

Full (URAR 1004)                        Interior (2055)

Small multi-family 2-4 units          Vacation land

Mobile and Modular homes            Employee relocation council

Estate planning                          Divorce


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